Our Activity

We believe, enlightening the children is enlightening the nation

Our mission is “To build a golden life of the underprivileged children by developing their skills & creativity”. We aim to develop the living standard of the children who are deprived of their basic human rights by providing them education, shelter, food, medical support, and accommodation.


Poverty is a big threat to primary education at any corner in the world. Due to child labor, poverty, inefficiency in administering child rights, and lack of awareness- Bangladesh has one of the world's lowest literacy rates, with an estimated 50 million illiterate adults. The practice of child labor is prevalent with nearly 50 per cent of primary school students dropping out before they complete 5th grade. The total working child population between 5 and 17 is estimated at 7.9 million. A total of 1.3 million children are estimated to be working 43 hours or more per week. Being accountable to these alarming situations, Children’s Heaven strive and serve to improve this situation. We believe, enlightening the children is enlightening the nation. We work for supporting and motivating the children to attend their education and providing them the opportunities to grow and excel in their life.

Health and Hygiene:

Health and Hygiene is a very crucial factor for anyone else, especially for the children. Children are vulnerable to numerous skin, water, and other kind of diseases. Poor and unprivileged children don’t have the chance to bath every day, they don’t have the access to clean and pure drinking water. Children’s Heaven works for these basic and significant needs of children. We provide healthcare support to the children and spread awareness amongst the families by regularly organizing health and hygiene campaigns, first aid training, and providing medical care.


Children’s Heaven is very watchful about the rights, basic needs, and well-being of the deprived children in our society. We spread awareness about Education, Child Labor, Child Trafficking, Harmful Social Practices, Children Rights, Crime and Violence, Safety, Discrimination, Justice, and other major sensitive issues.

Our Workshops:

Children’s Heaven regularly arrange workshops based on children welfare and benefits. We arrange workshops based on the development and welfare of the children. We organize workshops on Education, Health and Hygiene, Volunteer Skill Development, Medical and First Aid, etc.

Spread Happiness:

Children’s Heaven is working for the under-privileged children in our society to ensure a better life and future for them. It is giving the children a safe, happy and healthy environment to grow and excel. These children don’t have the delight or opportunity to celebrate a happy time with their family very easily. They also deserve happiness, love, and care like everyone else in the society. So, we try our best to create happy moments with them through our schools, smile centers, and events. Because we believe, a prosperous and successful nation can only be built if the children are happy, safe, protected, and educated.

Skill Development:

We emphasize the growth and development of our teachers and volunteers by organizing various skill development workshops and training programs. We design and organize our skill development programs to upgrade and improve the skill, knowledge, and efficiency of our personnel.

Child Right:

Children are the future of a nation. A nation can only be progressed if its children are safe, protected, and educated. Children’s Heaven strives to ensure the basic human rights that every child possesses by the Child Right-2003. We regularly arrange awareness programs on child rights and child protection. We train and aware parents about how to raise a child, his basic needs and rights, and protection against crime and violence.