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We brought smiles on the faces of over 2700 children since the year it has been founded, 2012. Every Eid Gifts that are distributed consists of 6 items that is Eid dress, chocolate, balloon, note book, pencil and pen


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We have successfully organized in total six events of “Educational Accessories Distribution” by which more than 2,620 children have received Educational Accessories with the help of donations and fund raising. The accessories are provided among slum areas or schools of 6 districts


The food packs have been successfully delivered to 120 families in Majher Char, Barguna and these small gifts has brought smiles on the faces of over 1200 people impacted by Cyclone Amphan.

Each donation is an essential help for everyone's life

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Children’s Heaven will work to improve the financial condition of the rural helpless women, so that, they can attain a prosperous life and educate their children for a bright future. We believe that empowering these women to a better life and condition is empowering the society and nation to a higher progress.


GOAL : 100000 ৳

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Educational Accessories

Poverty is a big threat to primary education at any corner in the world. Due to child labor, poverty, inefficiency in administering child rights, and lack of awareness- Bangladesh has […]


GOAL : 50000 ৳

RAISED : 0 ৳


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